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After being in a bus accident, you understandably might not be ready for the complications that are sure to follow. Your insurance company will want to know who is liable – can you show them confidently where responsibility lies? The bus could have been controlled by the city or a bus company with lawyers ready to attack your claim – will you be able to make a solid case with what you know? The questions are numerous but the solution is clear: work with Karsman, McKenzie & Hart.

There is no such thing as a personal injury case that is too complex for our team of highly-experienced Savannah personal injury attorneys. We will never meet an opposition that is too powerful for us to handle. There will never be a time when we back down and give up on our client’s cases, not when they rely on us to win them ample recoveries.

Compensation we will fight for in your bus accident claim includes:

Bills for emergency medical treatment

Hospital costs – past, current, and future

Lost wages and reduced earning potential

Lowered standard of living

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Who Is Liable in a Bus Accident?

The more parties involve in a vehicle accident, the more complicated the case will be. In a bus accident, the number of potential parties is higher than perhaps any other type of traffic collision. Liability could fall upon parties you never even considered, and you will only gain proper compensation if you know who they are.

Our Savannah bus accident lawyers will need to study your case to determine which of the following parties can be found liable:

  • Driver: Most traffic accidents are caused by the people actually driving the vehicle, and bus accidents are no exception. A distracted bus driver poses a serious threat to everyone on the road and within their vehicle. They must be held liable when applicable.
  • Company: Bus schedules are strict, demanding, and set by a parent company, or the city if it is a public transportation bus. Making a bus driver work long hours or speed to meet tight scheduling could put some liability onto the shoulders of the controlling company or department.
  • Mechanic: Maintaining a bus to acceptable standards of safety is not an easy feat but it is a necessary one. If mechanics approve a bus for use on the roads when it is unsafe, they could be partly responsible for defects and part failures that cause a crash.
  • Passenger: The people on a bus have just as much responsibility to be safe as anyone else. A bus passenger that intentional distracts or attacks the driver while the vehicle is in motion could be liable for any resulting collision.

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Karsman, McKenzie & Hart are dedicated to our clients. When we say that we will do everything to fight for your right to compensation and do nothing to forfeit your best interests, we mean it. We genuinely want to be the team that builds up your case, strengthens it with solid evidence, and earns you every last penny you need to be comfortable.

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