EFP Claims

Explosively formed penetrators (EFP's) were used against many of our brave US military servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan. EFPs are a type of shaped charge that often incorporates a concave disc of copper or other metal on the front of a cylinder encasing high explosive. The configuration is designed to create an extremely high-speed molten slug of metal that pierces vehicle armor and is designed to maim and kill.

EFPS are typically detonated remotely There is substantial evidence that Iran assisted with the production, design, funding and transfer of these devices to insurgents to use against US troops. This technology has proved particularly lethal against US servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing insurgents tools of destruction more effective than what they could have produced on their own.


Iran itself is subject to lawsuits under the FSIA for certain prohibited acts. We allege that Iran's assistance with EFP attacks constitutes extrajudicial killing in a theatre of war. Numerous Iranian assets, including billions of US dollars in bank accounts, have been seized in the United States and internationally. The extent of future Iranian asset seizures is unknown but future seizures appear likely. A US judgment against Iran may be used to obtain distributions of seized Iranian assets.


Certain large international banks allegedly hid wire transactions that were used to fund terrorist groups in Iran. Barclays, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland​ have been sued for intentionally removing certain information from certain transaction to obscure the participation of Iranian financial institutions. We anticipate pursuing claims against these banks under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act.


Our firm is evaluating claims from US military servicemembers injured by EFPs between 2006 and 2012. If you would like to make a claim, please act promptly because there are certain statutes of limitations that may bar your claim after a period of time.


Our firm has brought claims against Iran related to terrorist acts in the case of Relvas v. Islamic Republic of Iran, 14-CV- 01752 (RCL)(DDC) and Dibenedetto v. Islamic Republic of Iran, 16-CV- 02429 (TSC)(DDC). Attorneys Jeremy McKenzie and R. Paul Hart are licensed to practice law in the Federal District Court of Washington, D.C. and are ready to assist you with your claim and continue to pursue justice for victims of Iranian terrorism.

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