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Karsman, McKenzie & Hart fights for the rights of clients hurt in pedestrian accidents. We know that the outcome of any collision between an automobile and a pedestrian on foot will be devastating, so we always bring our A-game to give our clients the best chances in and out of court. We genuinely want to see you receive as much compensation as possible for your injuries and damages.

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Pedestrian Accidents Often Result in Serious Injury

It is not uncommon for a car accident involving a pedestrian to cause serious injuries. Many of the resulting injuries can be so catastrophic, they permanently impact the pedestrian’s life.

Pedestrians struck by automobiles may suffer:

Permanent disfigurement or scarring

Broken bones or joints

Spinal cord injury

Brain injury

A pedestrian may even perish during a pedestrian accident. When this occurs, surviving family members will need to consider filing a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver. This is similar to a personal injury claim but pursues additional damages related to a person’s passing.

Extensive Compensation Will Be Necessary

A serious injury inflicted upon a pedestrian will likely need wide-ranging methods of medical treatment and emergency attention. The costs of such medical procedures can be incredibly high, even if health insurance kicks in to cover some of it. In the personal injury claim, the filer must be thorough and meticulous to ensure every penny they deserve is fought for. If this seems like a burden you do not want to bear while you try to recover, allow a Savannah personal injury lawyer to assist you.

You will want to win compensation that helps pay for:

Emergency medical care

Rehabilitation therapy

Lessened quality of life

Lost wages or reduced earnings

Emotional pain and suffering

Funeral costs (wrongful death claims)

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You have the right to assume you can travel down sidewalks, across driveways, and through parking lots without being struck by negligent drivers. If and when a pedestrian accident occurs, the right to sue for compensation should also be upheld. We believe our Savannah personal injury lawyers should be the team you turn to for legal support and representation.

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