IVC Blood Clot Filters

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IVC filters are tiny metal devices that are surgically implanted into a vein, serving to stop blood clots from traveling to a patient’s lungs. While these devices were intended to help patients who were not good candidates for blood thinning medication, it has instead caused serious health risks and complications for patients.

Many patients just like you have suffered from pain and injuries as a result of their IVC filter. Our Savannah IVC filter attorneys can help you file a mass tort claim to seek maximum compensation for the damages you have suffered due to defective medical products.

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Reported Risks of IVC Filters

The FDA has received hundreds of reports of adverse side effects from IVC blood filters. Many of these risks are life-threatening and can cause serious long-term complications that require further medical treatment and surgeries.

Reported complications from IVC filters:

  • Migration of device
  • Fracture of device
  • Components detaching
  • Perforation in the device
  • Punctured organs and blood vessels

IVC filter manufacturers C.R. Bard and Cook Medical have recently been the focus of numerous lawsuits that claim the manufacturers were negligent, failed to warn patients of the risks, misrepresented their products, and defects in manufacturing. You may be able to file your own claim or join an existing mass tort claim.

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From medical treatment costs and lost wages to pain and suffering, our experienced mass tort lawyers work hard to ensure our clients are justly compensated. We can help you move forward from this difficult time with the financial resources you need to recover.

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