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Burn injuries often cause serious, life-long health complications for victims. With serious burn injuries, not only is the outer layer of skin injured, but the muscle and nerves below it are irreversibly damaged. Patients often require ongoing treatment.

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Talk to our team of Savannah personal injury attorneys at Karsman, McKenzie & Hart if you have suffered from a serious burn injury in Augusta or anywhere else in Georgia. We understand the unique challenges that burn injury victims face and the type of care they may require. Let us help you seek the maximum compensation possible so you can afford your costly treatments.

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Unique Challenges of Burn Injuries

Serious burn injuries are usually caused by:

Burn victims often require specialized care in burn centers due to the emotional and physical complexities of their injuries. At our office, we regularly work with clients who are seeking treatments at the Augusta Burn Center.

In addition to the physical injuries to a patient’s skin, nerves, and muscles, there are also emotional/psychological effects caused by the accident. Long-term treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder are common for burn victims.

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Our team at Karsman, McKenzie & Hart is focused on providing high-quality, client-centered care. We know that this is a difficult time for you and your family, and we want to make sure that we provide you with all the legal and emotional support you deserve. Turn to a team of burn injury attorneys in Savannah who care about your future and well-being.

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