Chemical Burns

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Some of the most devastating of burn injuries are those caused by chemical burns. Often victims of chemical burns have no warning that they are in danger until the toxic chemical is upon their skin. In other incidents, hazardous chemicals are in the air but in trace amounts, causing gradual yet serious burn damage to the airways.

People and workers who may be exposed to toxic chemicals include:

Construction workers

Industrial workers (manufacturing plants)

Cleaners and cleaning crews

Medical staff

If you have suffered a chemical burn due to someone else’s negligence, either in your home or at work, you may be able to receive financial compensation. Contact our Savannah personal injury attorneys from Karsman, McKenzie & Hart today for more information about your legal rights and what your next step should be.

Chemical Burns May Be Severe

A chemical burn is prone to cause extensive damage in a short amount of time due to the fact that the chemical sticks to the skin. In some situations, trying to wash it off may cause the chemical to react to the water or other solvent, worsening the harm. The end result is often a crippling injury that has caused permanent disfigurement and discomfort. Depending on where the chemical burn affected you, returning to work may not be an option, unless you are expected to suffer through uncomfortable pain throughout the day.

In your chemical burn case, we will want to secure compensation that pays for:

Upfront medical costs

Ongoing rehabilitation fees

Cost of prescription medication

Therapeutic sessions to restore mobility

Lost wages

Reduced income

A chemical burn to your face, neck, or hands may leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. In such incidents, you can seek nominal damages as well that provide monetary compensation for your emotional distress and broken piece of mind.

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