Electrical Burns

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If you have been electrocuted and suffered serious electrical burns throughout your body, you must consider filing a personal injury lawsuit right away. The longer you wait, the more time you give the liable or negligent party to prepare their case that argues against your own claims. Come to Karsman, McKenzie & Hart and speak to our Savannah burn injury lawyers about your case.

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Your serious burn injury caused by an electrical source or nonfatal electrocution may take months to heal, or it could cause permanent disfigurement. If nerves or muscle tissue have been destroyed, surgery could be required to improve your conditions. Our team is here to let you know that you do not have to pay for these expenses out of your own pocket if you file a successful injury claim.

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Dangerous Electrical Devices & Sources

Each day, we all use countless electrical devices. From our cellphones in our pockets to the lamps plugged into our walls, we never expect that an everyday device could cause severe injury. We also should not have to worry about this risk, for manufacturers should not release any product to the market that could pose a serious electrocution hazard. When they let their standards slip, innocent consumers are hurt.

Household devices commonly to electrical burn cases include:

Toasters and other kitchen appliances

Large televisions

Lamps and other light sources

Vacuum cleaners

In some situations, the wiring of a property are the cause of electrocution and electrical burns. Property managers and home owners who do not readily address and fix electrical wiring problems may expose guests, visitors, and patrons to extremely dangerous situations that should have been eliminated. If someone is hurt, the property controller can be sued in a premises liability case.

Fighting for Total Compensation, Not a Cent Less

Our Savannah personal injury attorneys know that recovering from an electrical burn injury can be troubling but it is even worse if you do not know if you are going to be able to afford to pay your medical bills or maintain an adequate standard of living. We will want to thoroughly review your medical reports and your monthly expenses to get an accurate idea of how much compensation you need and deserve. We are not satisfied until we can confidently say that you have received the restitution necessary for your comfortable recuperation.

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