Hours of Service Violations

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has done much to regulate commercial trucks on America’s highways, all in the name of protecting motorists in smaller vehicles. Through their research and regulations, it has been determined that one of the leading causes of trucking accidents is trucker fatigue, brought upon by hours of service violations. If you were hit by a commercial truck in Georgia, odds are high that the truck driver was exhausted due to being overworked by their parent company, or by their own efforts to complete more deliveries. Retain the services of Karsman, McKenzie & Hart when it comes time to investigate your claim and file a lawsuit.

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How Fatigue Affects a Trucker

The FMCSA does not permit most truckers from working longer than 14 hours in one day with only 11 of those hours spent actually behind the wheel. While this is already a considerably long shift by many standards and compared to many other occupations, some commercial truckers work even longer schedules. Sometimes their employer asks too much of them, requiring them to fulfill deliveries that simply cannot be done in less than 14 hours. In other cases, the trucker themselves wants to get ahead on their week’s routine or earn some extra pay and decide to take on additional routes. Either way, the result is disastrous.

Hour of service violations lead to trucker fatigue, which can cause:

  • Slower reaction time (increased braking distance)
  • Difficulty steering around corners
  • Inability to stay within the lane
  • Speeding (difficulty discerning relative motion)

Electronic On-Board Recorders in Trucks

Each commercial truck that is in use today should be fitting with some brand of electronic on-board recorder (EOBR). Acting very much like an airplane’s black box recorder, an EOBR tracks basic yet crucial data about the truck. Some can tell velocity and when brakes were applied but most will at least record hours of service between stops. By gaining access to the EOBR inside the truck that hit you, and the time stamps within it, our Savannah personal injury attorneys can gather critical evidence to use to your advantage.

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