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Property owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that their property is well-maintained and safe before allowing visitors or patrons to enter the premises. When property managers and owners become negligent, accidents can happen. Anyone who is injured on someone else’s property because of the other party's negligence has the right to file a personal injury claim for premises liability.

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Definition of “Premises Liability”

When an accident occurs on someone’s property or “premises,” someone is always liable or “responsible” for that accident. In cases where the accident was the result of poorly maintained property, the owner or manager of the property can be held liable for any injury or damages that occur.

Common Types of Premises Liability:

The most common type of premises liability is the “slip and fall.” When spills or trip hazards go unnoticed, or wet floors are not properly marked, unsuspecting visitors and patrons can slip or trip and suffer serious personal injury.

Pet owners can be sued when their dog is not properly restrained and bites someone as a result. Property owners can also be held responsible for any injuries that result in an incident that could have been prevented if better security measures had been in place.

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