Negligent Security Injuries

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Every business owner must take reasonable steps to provide adequate security in and around their property, especially when there is reason to believe that a dangerous individual might be attracted to the location. If they are negligent in how their security measures are enacted, or if they take none at all, the property controller could be found partially liable for damages caused by assault or robbery on the premises.

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Places Where Security is Necessary

In today’s day and age, you can make the argument that security staff, cameras, and measures need to be taken just about everywhere. Negligent security cases are stronger, though, when they involve the lack of security at a location that clearly requires it.

Buildings or areas that should be watched closely by security include:


Retail stores

Hospitals or nursing homes


Transportation hubs

Certain living complexes

Security can be enhanced by something as simple as installing cameras at key locations, adding lighting to dark alleys, or locking fire escapes from the outside. For apartment complexes or housing tracks, it may be necessary to install a gate that only verified residents can open with an access code. The point being that a quick review of a piece of property can easily reveal points where security must be improved. When a proprietor fails to take any action, or conduct a security review at all, they have been negligent in their duty towards the people who live, frequent, or visit the location.

Your Chance at Receiving Compensation Starts Today

Heinous individuals who commit assaults and robberies can be difficult to identify or locate, even with police investigators on the case. Victims of such crimes may never have the chance to sue the offender for their wrongdoing and the physical or financial damage they have caused. Negligent security lawsuits allow a victim to seek compensation after it seemed like they would not be given that chance.

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