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Hurt by a Defective Product?

No product manufacturer is permitted to sell, distribute, or promote any item that could pose a significant health threat to consumers due to defects or poor design. When they do and someone is hurt, the manufacturer can be held completely liable for any resulting damages. A wide scale recall may also be implemented in response to a lawsuit, protecting others from harm.

If you have been hurt by a defective product, you should consider taking legal action right away with the help of Karsman, McKenzie & Hart. Our Savannah personal injury lawyers are well-versed in intricate personal injury laws, including those pertaining to product manufacturer standards and liability. Call 912.289.0166 today to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about your rights to sue.

Recent Defective Products in the News

It seems that every day there is a new story about a defective or dangerous product causing harm to consumers. From electrical burns caused by short-circuiting appliances to severe illnesses caused by poorly-tested medicinal substances, everything can become a hazard if safety standards are not upheld. To make matters worse, many of these defects are discovered only because a consumer was hurt, not because a manufacturer completed additional testing and found defects.

Some examples of defective products in recent news cycles include:

  • Takata airbags: Millions and millions of automobiles have been recalled so far due to explosive Takata airbags that have been officially linked to at least 16 deaths around the world.
  • E-cigarettes: Defective batteries in e-cigarette vaporizer devices have been found to burst into flames suddenly, causing serious burn injuries.
  • Power Cooker XL: This popular brand of electric pressure cooker has been known to explode with regular use, triggering numerous complaints filed to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
  • Xarelto: An anticoagulant prescription drug that may significantly increase a user’s chance of suffering a fatal stroke or heart attack.

Two Types of Product Defects

In your product liability case, you will need to know how that product became dangerous to improve your chances of success. This requires an understanding of both the product’s intricacies and manufacturing regulations pertinent to the product type. You can turn to our product liability lawyers in Savannah if you require help with this process.

The two ways a product can become defective include:

  • Design: If the design schematics of a product include something that will pose a danger to consumers, it is called defective by design. Example: Takata airbags used ammonium nitrate to burst the airbags; ammonium nitrate disintegrates and becomes unstable under certain heat and humidity conditions and should never have been used in airbags.
  • Manufacturing: A product can be perfect on blueprints but become dangerous to consumers during manufacturing due to one or more errors in the process. Example: An automobile may call for shatterproof glass in windshields; if a mix-up at the factory swaps in normal, shattering glass, it is a manufacturing defect.

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