E-Cigarette Injuries

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Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers have grown massively in popularity over the course of a few short years. Marketed as the safe, smart, and cool alternative to traditional tobacco and nicotine products, some e-cigarette models are now causing serious burn injuries in users when the e-cigarettes overheat and explode.

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Due to this neglect in research, various dangers have been attributed to e-cigs, including:

  • Sudden explosion: A lithium-ion battery is present in e-cigarettes, which provides the power needed to heat up the oils until they are vaporized. There have been incidents of these batteries bursting into flames violently and without warning. Injuries related to such explosions include shattered teeth, burns on, in, and around the mouth, torn tongues, and facial fractures.
  • Overheating: When an e-cigarette or vaporizer does not catastrophically explode, it may quickly overheat instead. The metal casing becomes a conduit for the inner heat, essentially dropping scalding metal into the hands or pocket of the owner. Overheating has caused severe burn injuries in numerous users.

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With the string of reports in the news about dangerous e-cigarettes and vaporizers, especially recent cases of the devices exploding violently, it is likely that some e-cig manufacturers have retained teams of attorneys to defend themselves and their dangerous products. Do not face them alone. Contact our Savannah personal injury lawyers to put decades of trial-tested legal advocacy in your corner.

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